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Our division was born from the needs to guarantee infrastructure technologies development to meet regulatory compliance requirements whenever a project require auditing services to respect standards in a certified enviroment.

The Project Management Coordinator vision and goals are to provide our services to a majority of companies to support the certification of multiple technology since day one at any startup level and tracking progress to match International Regulations.


Lawyers or


The invisible line that merge two expertize.

For us is mandatory to inform our clients of possible regulatory issues and then promptly address  situations that can cause huge losses later on. At BackingCorp we definitely follow rules and deserve our clients to adapt accordingly in order to avoid any trouble.

BC division



“My continue research to perfecting business management and the minimalist philosophy approach pushed me to create new solutions in a mutating technology environment. Thanks to successful partnerships and years of research my ideas of consulting company are now evolving  to satisfy modern Business Trasformation

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108 WEST 13TH ST, Wilmington,DE United States
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 108 WEST 13TH ST, Wilmington,DE United States
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**Please note our services can vary by location and subject to local or international regulations and may not accessible in your country. We also may refuse to provide one or all services if any conflict in our operation agreement will arise issues or cause damages to us or other third parties. In such case of limitation to deliver any services we provide will not entitle our clients to request any indemnization.