Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Impressive, unlimited, mutable, and revolutionary!

The importance of AI implementation into almost any platforms cannot be released unconsciously!

We invite Startups and AI application developers to join us in the AI consultancy scheme.

The purpose of the consultancy scheme is to set new rules on behavior management solutions with a psychological approach in compliance with the regulations, while providing continuous integration of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Please contact our AI Solutions Team to archive best automation performances.


AI Is a new trend, and probably will become adopted in our future of course and is where all tech company are slowly pointing! Could be a complex coded algorithm mixed with machine learning that can function under pressure and obviously faster than humans. AI could analyzes, provides, and stores data in response to our needs, which states its importance in the public and corporates world.


Today, there is a massive switch to AI software development, and tech corporations have invested millions of dollars buying out AI software houses to stay ahead of intelligence implementation with the goal to minimize cost and increase performance on multiple sectors. All those investments leads to the need to control all those data and relative AI applications integration.


When codes, make choices for us, we must beware. AI developers must follow appropriate legal directives and use AI safely in respect of our knowledge and capabilities to adapt to this emerging technology. Changes to the way we interact with applications could reflect on the physical world and our daily routine so rapidly that users can become victims of such Artificial Intelligence applications.


Backing Corp AI solutions convert interactions to generate workload on orchestrated infrastructures and deliver “best answers” or “fastest services” into a digital competitive environment. It store or delivers this information to final users in almost real time, but also possesses capabilities that have never been experienced before by public and so we apply specific data investigation monitoring users interaction behavior.

Including these specifications inside our AI supplement services is a must. We further strengthen our AI Team with psychological tactics-management to evaluate the efficiency of the AI Applications. Our reports will reflect the changes made by AI and respective user’s compartmental changes. It is very important to control the social changes promptly before the masses can be negatively affected by AI over-usage.

We must answer to a crucial question:

“Do AI positively affect performance and our users welcome Artificial Intelligence changing their interactions with us?”

The psychological approach of Backing Corp AI Team when deploying new AI capabilities is to evaluate possible side-effects in the early-stage adoption of and mitigating the incidental damages on both sides.

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