Business Transformation

Business Transformation

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Information Technology Adoption

Evolving IT infrastructure that now enables business transformation, helping organizations to compete, grow and quickly mutate on demand while expanding rapidly on global scale.

This sensible process must be guided through Backing Corp service of deciding the sectors of your business that requires IT changes to function properly and also recommend the best technology to adopt. We train your staff and make them IT experts with qualified certifications to support Corporate Business Transformation.

Organizational Redesigning

Organizational redesigning is a process or approach that detects dysfunctional aspects of the operation of an organization such as, procedures, workflow, structure and system and reorganizes them to meet the new business goals with backup plans to ensure that the goals are achieved. It is the process of improving the mechanical and human aspect of business organization. It makes for easy and cost effective operation in an organization.

For a dedicated expert advice on how to manage and automate your business processes to provide better business performance please contact Backing Corp today.

Operations Management Automation

We help you to automate your operations management to produce the best result for your organization. Operation management automation brings efficiency at all level of service in your organization. In our service package, we help you to automate the following:

  1. Network monitoring
  2. Performance monitoring
  3. Date center automation
  4. Storage resource management and other as the case may be.

Hybrid Cloud Design

We know how stressful it is to transit to cloud infrastructure despite the importance of such transactions, some organizations give up on the transition due to the difficulties that are incidental to it.

By engaging us at Backing Corp, we make your switch to cloud solutions very simple and faster with low TCO. With our Dedicated Cloud Team services, you can move to cloud incrementally following scheduled migration process.

AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence is based on a series of algorithms or set of rules that neural networks use to process information and arrive at an answer. AI plays a very important role in the business world today and can be integrated for various purposes in a business organization. The following are some of the way AI can be used in an organization:

  1. To improve the communication in an organization.
  2. Human resource management.
  3. Intelligent cyber-security and others

We can assist you integrate all your application operations with AI for the benefits stated above and more.

UI/UXP Test & Design

We will guide your customers through a startling tour from the very first second of utilizing your products. We avail them a custom, attractive and easy path to learning and understanding your application and services or follow in love with your products.

We create a pleasant user experience that is based on behavioral patterns and in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines.

We conduct researches and develop the design to provide immediate ROI for your business with the understanding that a Powerful UI and UX generate more sales.

APPs Orchestration

This is a method by which two or more applications and/or services are integrated to automate a process, or synchronize data in real-time. Application orchestration does the following: integration that decouples applications from each other, capabilities for message routing, security, transformation and reliability, and centrally manages and monitors your integrations.

At Backing Corp, we assist you orchestrate your applications to achieve the benefits stated above.

IT Security Certifications

Due to the constant development in IT, it becomes important to have trained experts who can monitor, detect and update changes in IT as they come. There is also a constant effort by hackers to hack into the privacy of organizations so as to bring their brand name to disrepute or to steal their untapped ideas. This has necessitated the need to have trained IT security personnel in your organization to monitor, update and shield your data base from external attack or invasions.

IT Security Certificate is awarded to people who have undergone professional and extensive training in information technology. At BackingCorp, we boast of certified IT Security Personnel that we deploy to your organization to monitor and take care of your IT security issues as they arise. They also take preventive measure to avoid any form of attack on your infrastructure by monitoring and updating system promptly.

We can also train your staff to become IT Security Personnel with certification when required by local regulations and keep your entire network certified and in compliance.

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