Compliance Auditing

Compliance Auditing
Governance, Risk and Compliance

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Review of regulatory guidelines

There are rules and regulations that govern the various activities of an organization, both internal and external operations. It is necessary for every organization to observe and adhere to these rules and regulation otherwise, would be visited with some penalties that would cost them more resources than is required to obey them.

A compliance audit assesses how well an organization observes and obeys the rules and regulations, standards, bylaws as well as codes of conducts. In additions, the effectiveness of an organization’s internal control is monitored.

At Backing Corp, we review the rules and regulations guiding the operations in your organization, break them down for you to have a proper and in-depth understanding of each regulation and help you to adhere strictly to them so as to avoid any form penalty that may result from flouting the rules. We also update you on any new rules or amendment to existing rules incidental to the operations in your organization.

Quality-Standards compliance

Every product should meet certain requirement and specifications in order to attract the right customers and give the producer the expected returns. There are rules and regulations, bylaws and agencies that ensure that every product you sell or services your render meets the required specifications. If your products do not meet these requirements or specifications, they will be rejected by the appropriate agencies. Sometimes it attracts some penalties and will definitely affect your brand name and general operation of the organization.

Therefore, it is very important for you to ensure that your products and services meet these requirements in order to yield the expected returns and promote your brand. Some companies find it difficult to go about obeying these rules and meeting the set standards.

Backing Corp consulting, help you to know and understand the scope of these rules and specifications which your products and services must satisfy in order to be accepted by the market. We ensure that you comply with all the rules without missing out on any one of them.

DATA collection analysis

The importance of data collection in an organization cannot be overemphasized. An accurate data collection (qualitative or quantitative) is necessary for maintaining the integrity of research. It ensures that data gathered are precise, apt and accurate and helps to validate subsequent decisions made based on the data collected. However, data collection alone is not enough for you to reach a conclusive decision. Data analysis is needed to sieve the necessary information in the data collected, which is why you need to engage data analysts and experts to generate the necessary information contained in the data that you have collected.

Improperly collected data will negatively affect your organizations in various ways; inability to give accurate answers to questions, and inability to repeat and validate the study. In addition, it is also a waste of resources and time.

At Backing Corp, we have qualified experts, who will collect and study your data, extract the necessary information that will help you to make the right decision that will boost the operation of your organization. We work closely with the necessary department in your organization to arrive at the perfect result.

Enterprise risk management

Enterprise Risk Management involves the approaches or processes adopted by organizations to prevent and/or manage risks and achieve its objectives. It identifies a particular or series of events or circumstances that are important for organizations to achieve its goals, assesses those events and circumstances, monitors them and prevents or manages possible or existing risks. It is trite that every business is risk prone and if not proactively or actively managed, will endanger the smooth running of the operation of a business.

ERM can be performed as an internal control activity by the management or a committee set up for that purpose in collaboration with experts in ERM.

We collaborate with management or committee of an organization to render expertise services relating to risk management. We also assume full control or risk management of an organization and update the organization on the necessary steps to take in order to prevent or manage risks.

Governance strength check

The importance of good governance on an organization cannot be over flagged. Management of an organization is the backbone of that organization. In other words, a poor management can make a company to go under, bankrupt, destroying shareholder value and reducing the market value of the organization. There are activities in an organization that might suggest that the management does not have the interest of shareholders at heart. Therefore, it is important to place a check on the activities of the management of company so as to prevent or manage any form or abuse of office or function.

We help organizations to set up and place necessary checks on their management. We also monitor the overall activities and operation of organizations through data collection and analysis and make the necessary recommendation to them. We also monitor activities like ownership and insider trading, compensation packages and related party transactions to ensure that they do not subject the interest of the organization and shareholders to risk.

Locations review

The location of a business organization plays a vital role in the success or otherwise of organization. A business organization should carry out the necessary location survey before setting up a business in any location. There are factors to consider before deciding on the location of a business: competitive analysis, market saturation, demographic and economic data, and proximity to target audience, trade information, the demand for your goods and services and other.

The right help to carry out the necessary survey in your prospective location, and give you the best advice based on our finding. We also make necessary recommendation when needed.

Partnership compliance

Backing Corp guides brands to identify, prioritize and respond promptly to correct activities of a non-compliant partner in order to protect the brand and market value, increase profit margins and prevent any legal action that might arise there from. By doing so, we give enough time to focus on more important business issues while do the rest for you. We assure of quality and responsive compliance services.

Privacy Management

Privacy management is the process of protecting personal or proprietary information and data from unauthorized persons. In other words, it is the act of concealing private or confidential information of an organization from the public or unauthorized persons. It is particularly so for companies that manages large amounts of customer information, especially for those involved in financial industries, which is according to regulations governing the business. Privacy management is vital to protecting the identities and personal information of multiple consumers. At the corporate level, Privacy management is generally overseen by a network security team or security experts that monitor communications and servers to ensure this information stays safe.

When is time to secure and protect the personal data of any customers. It’s important that consumers and businesses alike use a secure network for transmitting information online. Engage us to secure your networks using the latest security measures and encryption functionalities.

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