Decentralized ICO

Decentralized ICO

The newest stratospheric investment procedure is putting billions in Startups pockets. The decentralized ICO structure is an open door to bring fresh cash to ventures from early investments in blockchain utility token sector. The average investor (not a professional broker) unfortunately, do not have enough knowledge to make a safe investment to create gains, and due to lack of research and sometimes lack of fortune will cause probably a total loss of the capital invested.

Any overtures in FinTech can result in unknown issues or maybe huge losses and for this reason, we are here to eliminate every “fear” of uncertain situation that can cause complete loss to investors. Is crucial to activate a business strategy to support Startups operational controls with adequate management tools to avoid a ZERO ROI result.

We start with a review of the company formation documents and CEO’s and company manager’s reputations, a study of the working space, and management capability plus a control of the recruiting systems. Then, the supervision of the Startup IT infrastructure and evaluation of costs with detailed reports. Everything must meet of course local or international regulatory requirements and satisfy investors’ demand to provide short and long-term returns on investments.

At Backing Corp our goal is to create a certified startups database where ventures and financial investors can easily browse and trust the resources we provide to ensure that startup organizations meet specific rules and achieve their goals in time.

Providing report to investors to update them on the activities in a startup environment we verify the real status of the company with a custom due diligence checklist depending on the business category and reviewing DATA management solutions already running on company servers and the capability of DATA management and deployment of the working team.

If you INVEST, you have RIGHTS: Voting rights

Brokers and Investors can request us for a full assessment of multiple Startup Requirements, Specifications, and the corresponding due diligence of internal procedures. When you invest enormous sum, it is necessary to conduct search and analyze the potentials of the companies involved then make the right choice to avoid and reduce risks.

Financial Investment Firms could request us to provide insider* full reports of any startups by filling the form below.


How a VOTING solution could affect a project?

One of our solution entails a Voting System on Blockchain technology to track and guide the future of startups product development with the direct consent of investors to minimize CEO’s mistakes. It doesn’t limit a CEO’s innovative skills, but suggest to him what investors and final users want and then follow the development team to reach investors’ goals.

“We all want more control to feel safe”

For example, the challenges all new MacBook Pro owners face, which needs an external gadget to solve Apple’s missing USB port problem could be avoided by a voting system that informs users of this criticized decision! Maybe millions of new MacBook Pro are today unsold as a result of CEO’s decision.

When changes to products can sometimes cause conflicts and make final users to reconsidera brand’s value to a point where they begin to prefer other brand products.

We believe our technology solution must be implemented to grant happiness of final users and provide most important results to investors at the end of the year.


Backing Corp want to track all possible issues and convert them into opportunities. Where our clients are already running their own infrastructure, we proceed to integrate and/or migrating to better ecosystems to assure the Startup infrastructure is compliance ready and obviusly including relative products and services.

Be honest and reliable to investors

If a startup is working on an application development, we will assist and report to both investors and company director and dedicated team about a correct development procedures in compliance. Any integration or project management involved of such new software will meet the rules applicable to that particular sector thanks to our supervising service. If Marketing is part of the application, then we must make sure that the environment is safe for any app users in manner of DATA management. If a user’s data will be managed by the application, then we must take steps to ensure that the storage of sensitive data meets and satisfy Privacy Law at highest security levels of encryption. In order to avoid any lawsuit to startups, we work in synergy to launch any products and services while reducing development and research costs.

By selecting our Company Monitoring services, we will focus on various company practices to report and publish results. Adopting our solutions in early stage will  ensure that any business operations comply with regulations, and grant the best results.

We also support FinTech company to sussed in Business Transformation and our professional team could be strategically located on site or directly in connection with operational workforce planning managers.

*insider = The term insider is used to indicate any attorney, notary, developer or employee required to provide multiple of our services on behalf of our clients. The insider work will provide legitimate analytics of selected company only upon purchase of one of our services.

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