Ecosystem Merges

Ecosystem Merges

Solutions to migrate to a more certified* environment

When corporations finalize and sign any merging agreements and acquisitions are completed, then an invisible bureaucratic machine runs for the entire process trying to achieve all new goals, and make the expected sales.

Of course, an acquisition of competitors and relative assets is synonymous to new incomes and probably new fresh markets, but at the same time mistakes can actually result in unnecessary expenditures and reduce ROI. This is a common scenario worldwide due to poor extensive pre-migration research, which could cost millions before and after the release of products and services on websites and connected mobile corporate applications. Sometimes, the adoption of the third-party solution will mitigate many problems and produce a more stable costly effective enviroment without frustrating CEOs.

The underlying conflict of interests or poor knowledge about technology could make CEOs and directors to fail to take advantage of the opportunities available to be integrated or developed at a very competitive cost in the market.


At Backing Corp, we know the “move into new sector” common scenario usually causes corporations to expend more capital on migration and Operations Management up to an average 35%, due to a lack of knowledge. Obviously these resources could be used better and in synergy since the beginning of deployment in our bold and costly profitable solutions compared to the typical in-house development. We believe Backing Corp will offer a perfect solution supported by a dedicated team attorneys and technology team to help address any merging project.

You probably need our solutions to get best of your IT and produce maximum performance and incomes while merging companies!


Reducing migration and integration costs is a key-factor that Backing Corp provides during merges to address Mobile Applications Developments and relative Database/Software conflicting issues. Merging two different software could be very complicated and require highly skilled employees in permanent collaboration. We set-up a bridge to reduce the entire merging processes and go live in days instead of months.


Backing Corp offers a certified compliance and Inter-operable mainframe orchestration service on demand, offering frictionless integration in multiple business platforms.

To integrate and migrate and perfects any Systems/Apps with zero downtime with scheduled updates during merging requirements process and all developments are synchronized by a dedicated team to be on schedule to satisfy clients’ needs and in compliance with all regulations.


*our solutions meet Regulatory Compliance since the date of implementations.

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