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The new growing Fintech E-Banking sector is developing mobile applications to meet the demands of a younger generation of users, who cannot entertain queuing up at the bank for hours. Therefore, the mobile digital banking solution is rapidly evolving to satisfy users’ needs internationally. Reaching clients abroad has become so easy due to globalization, but regulations involved usually, will drastically affect the deployment of a banking application.

Consequently, banks and other corporations involved in data management have become susceptible to risks and rising development and maintenance cost. Duo of this rapid evolution the application release becomes more complex because of bureaucracy, rules and certification requirements imposed to protect user assets.

To avoid this complex situation and relative costs, our Financial Technology Team and associated lawyers are constantly working in synergy to meet regulatory demands following international updates and communicate with Financial Institutions promptly.


A compliance certified environment to ensure that E-Banking applications satisfy the requirements of the international financial sector.


Due to the recent increase in potential threats to the client’s personal information, we could focus on data management during any development process by integrating security management solutions, and providing state of the art DATA organizations. We achieve this by setting up secured hybrid cloud architectures, custom financial mobile applications development, and delivering a scalable certified ecosystem to corporations in E-Banking sector.

The complete infrastructure must address and follow all international regulations regarding data security to grant clients’ rights while adopting new e-banking technologies.

Prioritization is the Backing Corp’s ability to thoroughly address the needs of startups by adopting a stable and secured approach to new technologies, and in compliance with regulations. In addition, Backing Corp also adopts the highest level of security on the market. It also provides a virtual financial infrastructure setup, which integrates all hardware/software functionality that covers common E-Banking solutions, like Virtual Credit Cards to currency exchanges, and in-app functionality that syncs transactions with international financial institutions for faster transfers and payments opportunity. Obviously, the technology of Backing Corp is based on certified hybrid scalable infrastructures with multiple nodes in a balanced ecosystem to produce encrypted data-storage, and avoid any data losses while providing an added level of security.


Financial Application Development, Design and Usability Test

The structural skeletons of Apps are modified to meet regulatory rules and our team will coordinate the implementation of multiple regulatory rules and check App interface usability in mobile-friendly solutions. The deployment and design of custom UI User Interface solutions accelerate the approach to regulate users/bank law enforcement.

The needs of Bank Corporations are set On-Demand and strategically allocated, thanks to an automated and scalable organization of the entire environment where mobile applications are developed. The workload automated system we integrate with the mobile server-side platform is a robust approach to produce scalability and satisfy highest Application demands. Our capable FinTECH TEAM will assist you confidentially.

In addition, we merge SAAS and PAAS when needed to ensure security and compliance at a reasonable cost in various persistence platforms.



Faster Development of Integrated solutions to synchronize Application DATA deployment on Hybrid encrypted cloud environments.

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