HYBRID Orchestration

HYBRID Orchestration

The Backing Corp’s approach is to solve problems and reduce the cost since the first server setup to the next application release to the public.

We focus on strategic Operations Management to grant military grade security and deploy any tools to achieve Storage Disaster Recovery in Cloud Solutions.

How Hybrid can your DATA go?

Public and Private network orchestrations could reveal sensitive information if not specifically organized in safely encrypted servers. Our Security Team will provide everything required and will deploy the our new security integrated technologies to avoid possible data leaks. Our team’s approach is it to deliver on time by designing balanced networks capable of auto-healing entire platforms and maintain stability with accuracy. We could also provide a secure and stable platform with preloaded rules to be easily maintained on Hybrid scalable networks.

Backing Corp Hybrid Cloud Team assumes an absolute control of corporate IT infrastructure to produce strong results whit excellent DATA Security Management capability in all Hybrid Cloud products.

Don’t fight challenges: make them your best friends!

We then offer our Hybrid solutions for monitoring usability and costs dedicated dashboard with fast eye-caching analytics charts to turn any CEO and infrastructure manager into network experts thanks to our customizable U/I and ready to print data acquisition statistics.

If you are confused or doubt which direction your DATA will go next, we can definitely provide a pre-sale team to assist you. The support team call line is available 24/7.


Prevention of attack on corporate networks is a goal our Hybrid Cloud solutions will address: thanks to enhanced integrated technologies to tracking activities and logged users.We provide to our clients with pre-defined levels of security to bring the ZERO intrusion reality in any organization and assure them of keeping corporate and user private data safe.

One rule… SURVIVE to any ATTACK!

It is faster and timely. Backing Corp establishes a mandatory process to reduce waiting load time and speed up any user experience and applications’ performances. The Hybrid data centers strategically distribute your data globally with fast nodes connection series to grant exchanges of resources that are always in harmonious sync.

We could train your Team to become experts in mastering the Hybrid environment in weeks.

Be ready to step on high delivery networks. Migrate now to the Hybrid Cloud

Contact Backing Corp to secure Hybrid Cloud deployment at highest security conditions.

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