Marketing Integration

Marketing Integration

When it is time to reach new clients worldwide and pushing news through your website and applications, it is probably also the time you don’t exactly know if your marketing strategies will produce losses instead of gains. It will be a matter of wrongly allocated budget or mistakes of selecting an advertising channel instead of another! It could be due of a lack of internal team marketing knowledge and wrong analysis. Therefore, it is a direct consequence of wrong research and planning in conjunction with approximate strategies that evaluate only a few single treats of marketing integration. It will, probably, be complicated to understand without a detailed check-up of your marketing history, but then you will accept all consequences of failing to setting a perfect marketing strategy into winning campaigns.



We control and merge privacy and marketing in-App and on-Web systems with specific solution that follow each users’ preference to avoid any brand depreciation and grant sales results. Most applications and websites will prefer to integrate Backing Corp Privacy Marketing Management solutions to avoid related court fines and relative compensation for damages.

Backing Corp can provide a stable marketing solution integration to respect users’ rights by avoiding unsolicited marketing campaigns to frustrate clients experience when using your products on any devices. Our Marketing strategies are deployed and integrated after a selective analysis of probability, success/losses, and always in compliance with regulations to respect clients’ rights.


Yes! Intellectual damages and relative complaint due to brand attacks with violent marketing strategies will cause internal losses because of possible fines and next brand devaluation.


Make a strategic global impact with tailored Marketing Integration solutions and our best orchestration of certified hybrid infrastructures. Switch today to a safer environment to control any aspect of your brand development process and relative application designing and deployment.


Marketing in a Mobile World

With over 60% clients using a mobile device, you will definitely need a scalable lightening fast solution in the cloud to easily reach millions of customers worldwide. We take care of any Website and Application Project Development with specific support of marketing technologies. Our dedicated team will smoothly work for the required period to reach your goals and migrate in to a more stable certified infrastructure to  ensure that everything is done right and in accordance with regulations. It is precious to market your products and services the right way!

Take a strong decision and delegate your company’s future in the safe hands of our skilled developers and IT managers. You must concentrate on designing your products and services and let us run all IT infrastructures for you.

Please share with us your ideas and needs and we will definitely assist you to proceed in the right direction.

Our Marketing team has the knowledge to achieve goals on a global scale.

Contact Backing Corp Marketing Integration team today and secure success for your brand.

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