Privacy Modulation

Privacy Modulation

The privacy management solution, which seeks to protect a third-party sensible information covers the entire corporate information management. Backing Corp offers a new selective control of sensible data orchestration with software Privacy Management Tools and relative technology in a comprehensive easy to adopt solution. It is not only about simply managing the storage cryptography in-house, but also includes how to modulate the entire users’ database while syncing all the information into a safe ecosystem with multiple connected applications.

Satisfy your needs for a secure, stable and scalable Privacy Control Solution with our sensible data orchestration approach.


Application modules

The Backing Corp privacy modulation technology integration involved in the storage of sensitive data management and customization of relative applications provides a highly reliable solution into the hybrid cloud for private and public networks. In any project, our team will control the usability and implementation of the privacy management tools into websites and mobile applications by fixing incomplete or missing privacy management solutions and redesigning the user interface to fulfill any international privacy law requirements.


This approach focuses on tracking any single variation occurring in web and mobile application settings for all individual accounts to reflect client’s selection of privacy controls, and providing relative app user experience. Our development teams will work in collaboration with your developers to respect full Privacy Management in compliance with international standards and related standardization updates.

The Backing Corp Privacy Management Team could also integrate and develop a menu/database app setting from scratch and add on top any management solution that can also allow all your users with a choice to opt-in or opt-out of multiple marketing and services functionality of the platforms.

Read our Marketing development capabilities to know more..


Security Standards for applications and e-commerce platforms

When it is time to control app purchasing settings and relative orchestration of payment solutions, the privacy data management must be in full compliance with the process.

In addition, it will provide data transmission across platforms with encryption and security levels that we are conversant with. It is not just an SSL certificate to prevent data from being stolen. Of course, we go deep into the stages of client’s privacy arrangement from sign-up with ID verification, and supervise the entire shopping experience while saving any sensible data in balanced servers on hybrid cloud solutions. In addition, we define specific rules, which we must set on top of your technology to guarantee that everything will run properly and in compliance with regulations. We guarantee a no leak and no mess with personal shopping preference and application settings of our clients.


Privacy Database Migration Solution

If your company has already stored sensible data in private or public sectors, we believe you probably need Backing Corp solutions to certify to highest level of data security management in compliance with local and international regulations. We provide full assistance on sensible data storage or data migration and alternative detailed management of multiple mobile applications and E-commerce portal integrations, with privacy management customization.



Could your entire clients’ information be subtracted from hackers during the checkout process on your website?

Are your websites and applications capable of safeguarding your client’s personal data during all processes?

Did your entire infrastructure ever surpass a hacking STREES attack in any phase of users’ interactions?

Not sure?! Feel free to contact our Privacy Modulation team to confidentiality take advantage of client’s data.

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