Startup Assessment

Startup Assessment

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Proprietary Technology value

As a start up, it is very important to know your proprietary value. A proprietary value is the combination of processes, equipments, or systems of interrelated connections belonging to a business or an organization. These combinations improve the competitive value and advantages of the owners of the technologies. In other words, the proprietary technology of an organization improves the competitive value of the organization. The higher the proprietary value, the more competitive the organization becomes, which makes it important for an organization to assess and know its proprietary value in order to know its standing in the competitive market.

A Backing Corp, we help organization to assess their proprietary value and make recommendations in order to improve their overall value and remain competitive in the market.

Business Model study

Business model are features that describe and classify a business. It helps in the classification of a business. It serves as a guide to manager’s decision making, employment, activities in the market, search for customer or target audience. It serves as the compass that detects where a business would be in the near future. Therefore, a business model needs to be concise, definite, self explanatory and eligible.

Organizations request a review of their business model to ensure that it meets the features mentioned above is mandatory. We advise them on what to do and make necessary rearrangement on time. In addition, we monitor and check their operation to ensure that they do not deviate from the specifications of the business model.

CRM-Support integration

It is trite that the customer is the boss in a business environment. Organizations go extra miles to show their customers that they care about them. It creates a feeling of belonging in customers. Customers feel great and become returning customers when they observe that the organizations they patronize care about them. One of the ways you do this is by keeping proper record of your organization’s dealing with the customers.

CRM-Support Integrations is building support system and RM to function together smoothly. In addition to CRM, which is a system that stores customers’ information based on manual entries, integrating your supports system helps you to create a perfect relationship with your customers. When you call or text your customers on their birthdays to send in your birthday wishes, or call a customer, who was facing some challenges to know how they are faring, you are indirectly building a strong bond with them.

At Backing Corp, we guide our clients in setting up and maintaining a strong and active CRM- Support system. Keep and store vital information as can be gathered from their active data base to track of relationship with customers continuously.

Team potentials scrutiny

Business organizations set up teams to run various affairs of a business organization. A good team must have the right people with the right qualifications and potentials to produce the expected result. Certain steps are taken when selecting the members of team.

We help you to put your team to the right test in order to certify their fitness for the job to be done. We can also help your company to set up the team by subjecting the nominated or recommended person to test.

Capital Efficiency

Capital efficiency is the relationship between expenses incurred by a company and that are spent to make a product or service. In other words by definition it is the ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) or the relationship between EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Tax) over Capital Employed.

It is the desire of every organization to run a cost efficient operation. At Backing Corp, with the avalanche of professionals at our disposal, we give you the best professional advice on running a cost efficient organization and maximize profit.

B2B – B2C Strategy

B2B-B2C strategy is a complete approach to doing proper sales and purchases in business. They are two different concepts with different meanings but similar purpose, which is the target audience.

B2B pays attention to understanding how your buyer (usually organizations) operates. It deals less with emotions and more with data. B2C on the other hand deals more with emotion, that is, how your customer feels about your products and how your products can help meet the desired need. Then it relates to the feelings that your customers attach to your products and services.

At Backing Corp we enable you to run the two concepts without hitches. The overlap strategy states the rules of engagement for the two concepts.

Marketing Integration

The importance of communication in business organization that is on good communication terms with its customers has little to worry about. That is why you should be aware of which technology is better to integrate to satisfy your goals. Defining a Marketing integration platform solution is the process to setting up a unified and seamless feelings and experience for consumers to interact with your organization; it is an attempt to weld all the various forms of marketing together to produce a synergy effect.

At Backing Corp, we advise you on how to go about integrating your marketing strategies to produce a synergy effect. We do this by having a thorough and professional study of your marketing history and make the necessary recommendation to startup.

IT Security status-check

We know how important your data are to your organization. We also appreciate how important your programs and other vital and private information are too. Protecting your data simply means protecting your clients privacy, integrity, and availability and failure to do same will result in legal liability, loss of goodwill, loss of customers, reduced market value and business losses.

Backing Corp grant a detailed check on all the security related activities that might disclose and expose company or users data to unauthorized persons accessing these files. We also help you to protect them from external attacks of course applying encryption technologies! In addition, we can setup disaster recovery infrastructures to backup sensible data accordingly. We work with your Designated Security Officer (DSO) to produce the best result or we appoint one on behalf when needed to satisfy regulations.

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