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We notice a growing demand in 2018 of dedicated Startup Hubs at global scale pushed by recent increase of investment in technology startup sectors in particularly in Asean nations.

We decide then to organize state of the art infrastructure and office locations to become a strategic partner for Funds Managers and Venture Capital Firms interested to speed up the Startup process in multiple location across Asia and maximize the initial investment while monitoring the entire Startup scheme in conjunction with our Startup Assessment services.

With dedicated and advanced technologybusiness parks in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia we cover a huge gap into a young and fast economy favorited by multiple Governament financial supports.

Why opening a Startup in an Asean country?

Obviously a stable political system and a skyrocketing economy in Asean countries that offer various TAX incentives to stimulate Startups and create jobs is a perfect marriage to allow internal grow and stimulate business and attract investors to finance Startups in any technology sector. We offer consulting services to VCs interested to concentrate investments in Asean countries to provide certified Startup Hubs that respect local Compliance Regulations on each commercial or industrial sectors.

We can provide multiple services from company formation to full assessment with local Law Firms we are able to grant a Compliance infrastructure to satisfy any company needs.

Backing Corp Startup Support Team is available to both VCs-Funds Managers and Starups interested in the Asean market. Please contact us to discuss your Investment requirements.

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