Data meets Rules

Compliance Ready solutions

to allow organizations

mitigate regulatory impacts


Verify Performances

Backing Corp provide regular and vital reports to business managers to update them on the activities in a company environment. We can verify in real-time the status of any organization with a custom due diligence checklist audit depending on the business sector and reviewing all DATA management solutions already running

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Organizational Assessment

Backing Corp services can strengthen business performances applying best business model strategies to ensure that any operation comply with regulations


Adopting our Company Monitoring solution allow focusing on various business practices. Analyzing crucial informations will improve operability and achieve goals faster


Startup Assessment

At Backing Corp our goal is to create a certified startups database where ventures and financial investors can easily browse and trust the resources we provide to ensure that startup organizations meet specific rules and achieve their goals in time.

Compliance Auditing

Most corporations have been made to face legal charges and huge fines resulting from the failure to comply with regulations on IT securities and functionalities, which has adversely affected their reputations, and brand. Therefore, we take steps to ensure that our clients promptly observe and comply with existing regulations globally.

Business Transformation

From AI adoption to Security Certifications and Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration and other strategic Business Transformation solutions. We believe a guided Backing Corp auditing to deciding the sectors of your business that requires IT changes to function properly is mandatory to grant performance and allow organizations to be competitive globally while migrating to best technologies.


Synchronizing with the future!

The continue evolution of our services is a reference to a modern approach to Compliance Auditing & Information Technology Services. Today we proudly introduce a new era of Deployment and Information Management Solutions that cover multiple aspects of today Business Digital Transformation needs.

Tailored Pricing*

Services** for startup or established businesses

*required to keep an account balance

Compliance Auditing

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Review of regulatory guidelines

Quality-Standards compliance

DATA collection analysis

Enterprise risk management

Governance strength check

Locations review

Partnership compliance

Privacy Management

Startup Assessment

Once GRC is archived we focus on

Proprietary Technology value

Business Model study

CRM-Support integration

Team potentials scrutiny

Capital Efficiency

B2B – B2C Strategy

Marketing integration

IT Security status-check

Business Transformation

Comply with GRC or Startup plans

Information Technology Adoption

Organizational redesigning

Operations management automation

Hybrid Cloud Design

AI Integration

UI/UXP Test & Design

APPs Orchestration

IT Security certifications

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